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Rolls-Royce (Packard built) V1650-9 Merlin

Number of cylinders: V-12

Bore & stroke: 5.5" x 6"

Displacement (cu in): 1650 

Supercharger ratio: 5.8:1

Peak engine RPM: 4,200

Ignition system: Magneto spark - 24 Champion spark plugs

Engine cooling: Water

Nitrous oxide & water-alcohol injection utilized for horsepower increases.

Gearbox Specifications:

Make: Western

Ratio: 3.04:1 step-up, fixed ratio

Propeller shaft speed (RPM): 12,000+

System Specifications:

Electrical system: 24 Volt

Fuel & capacity: Aviation gas (115/145 octane) - 100 gals

Oil capacity: 15 gallons of Bardahl

Propellers: Sizes range from 13" dia. x 17" to 24" pitch

Propeller shaft: 1-34" dia. "K" Monel

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